The Bresciana Parking srl deals for many years in addition to mechanical parking systems and also in the field of automated maintenance of industrial plants, for this among his colleagues there are excellent professionals, able to better analyze any problems and propose the best solution.
Maintenance of industrial installations carried out by Brescia Parking srl includes numerous industrial branches, and in particular in the following areas

Steel industry, power engineering, chemical, pulp and paper, heavy and light carpentry. Stationery printing paper feed publishing

Thanks to industrial maintenance companies can make the best investments on machinery and ensure a consistently cutting-edge production. The Bresciana Parking srl operates with the maintenance of industrial plants in different ways:
It is also able to carry out special maintenance schedule and exceptional following general station of plant where require tens of employees, equipment and means of work.

-Emergency measures within 24 hours of the intervention request
-Maintenance Programming even on holidays and at night hours so as not to stop manufacturing operations
-Single Number available for interactive and urgent requests 12:0 am/24 every day
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